Every point of refuge has its price

by J.M.Barrie

If you seek truth you will find comfort, but if you seek comfort you will never find truth.

Answering the call to the inner journey does not come with any guarantee. But if you seek truth you will find comfort. If you seek comfort you will never find truth.


Has destiny summoned the hero in you out of the pale of society into a journey of the unknown?


We are here to evolve. Complacency is not an ingredient in this journey.

The Truth is never offended

All questions provoke responses.

Basic questions want quick replies.

Better questions seek solutions.

Good questions inspire thoughtful awareness.

But the really great questions are cause for pause, interrupting the programming

because the automatic response doesn’t fit,

the fork isn’t anticipated, the loop is bypassed, the line of code has nowhere to go.

This force (via internal tension, not external coercion) is a branching out, a splitting off, a new path, of diverse directions…of fractal circuitry…

the information/energy current no longer follows the predetermined design of the circuitry,

It creates it!



The best questions evoke the best answers by changing the asker and the answerer – and their relationship to each other and between them the world.

Always question the narrative.

Truth is never offended.

Teachings of Sophionic Wisdom, translated by S. Werb


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