Author JM Barrie runs the risk of betraying her “condition.” Only her closest fans know she cleared out a space in her closet where she sits, trying to find the courage to write. “Birthed from a haunting dream, the writing of the story was an attempt to calm my heart and stop the night terrors.” Hypnotherapy helped to untangle her confusing night visions and navigate to the center of the breathless dream. The mild-mannered art conservator had previously spent her career searching the annals of archaeology, seeking some understanding of life’s mysteries. Now it seemed the answers were coming from deep within.

Manhattan’s endless collections had been a proving ground for Barrie’s impressionable mind. Ancient art drew the young student into the cathedral-like museums where, in the quiet after hours, she discovered many secrets. Barrie’s intense desire to be near artifacts led her to complete Winterthur’s prestigious program in Art Conservation where she attained a Master’s degree in Science. Her true passion is unraveling stories from displaced artifacts that have survived the ravages of time. Studying historic objects at close range, she has gained fresh insights into lost cultures — earning the moniker, “Mistress of Minutia.” The detailed connections she discovered and the recent archeological finds in Asia minor provide a factual basis for her new work of fiction.
Combining the practices of chemistry, history and restoration, Barrie works in the field of art preservation in historic Charleston, SC. She is also an amateur astronomer who uses ancient Arabic knowledge for reading the stars. Continuing the work of Hypatia’s Mystery School, Barrie writes to alchemize patterns of the past, while working on the construction of an evolutionary celestial astrolabe.

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