The Kairostone

Book One of the sci-fidelic adventure is available as a PDF. The length is 240 printed pages. Your purchase will assist in the hardcover publication. Thank you for your patronage.

Book Two soon to be released

"This compelling novel delivers hope in dark times and gives an unexpected look at how the AI defines ourselves."

– J. Brady

"As soon as you open the book, you're in another world."

–J. Campaign

"It's Luke Skywalker meets Lara Croft in the Twilight Zone!"

– B. Ward

"Fans of Narnia and Middle Earth will feel the allure of another world not too unlike our own, yet steeped in mystery and intrigue - a fantastic journey that will spark the adventurer's heart."

–S.K. Kaur

"This story is an inroad to imagination, where we draw the future towards us and find out what it means to remain human amidst the evolution of hyper-technology."

–R. Stark

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